So sánh Mở khí quản và đặt Nội khí quản


Endotracheal intubation versus Tracheostomy a comparison


Endotracheal intubation

Reduced need for sedation

Patient needs to be sedated

Not so easy

Easier & Quicker

Virtually no damage to glottis

Danger of damage to glottis

Reduction of dead space

Dead space reduction not appreciable

Tolerated well for long periods

Patients dont tolerate ET tubes for long periods

Weaning easy

Weaning not so easy after prolonged intubation

Requires skill

Skill can be easily learnt by practice

Bleeding & wound infections common

Virtually no bleeding

Humidification of inspired air a must

Humidification of inspired air is not a must

Scar formation +

No scar formation

Low risk of improper placement of tube

Risk of improper tube placement is rather high

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